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KMart, Big KMart, and Kmart SuperCenter

Kmart SuperCenter Corsicana (past)

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Kmart SuperCenter Corsicana (past)
Kmart SuperCenter Waco (past)
Stores Closed During Bankruptcy


KMart Closes stores in Texas


This is Kmart Corsicana when it was still open. April 2003. Then it closed in May 2003.


This is the Super K Center sign that is in the top one. Just without the sign!


This is the right entrance to the past SuperCenter. As you can see, all the windows are boarded up because kids broke them out.


This is the Auto Service Center of the past SuperCenter


In this picture, we can see the food court and the Flag Pole. When the store first open, the food court had a huge array of choices. Italin, American, Mexican, ect... food. It musn't have gone over good because they closed the resturant and put in a hamburger station and Little Ceasers. The tore out the the eating area, and put in books. A few tables still remained near the grill though, for customer to sit and enjoy a meal.


This is the Floor Plan to the Super K Centers. The Corsicana and Waco ones were differents that this, but this can kind of give you an idea!


This is the right entrance. There is one light on outside the whole building.


Here is the for sale sign.


This is almost the whole building.


Full front of the Past KMart.


This is the left entrance.